Buffet khách sạn daewoo


Extravagant breakfast Búp Phê in Hanoi, lavish Chinese banquets, beautifully plated sushi & sashingươi – cuisines at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel delightevery palate. With a choice of different restaurants, a lounge & an onsite bakery, the hotel offers guests a delectable culinary experience that spans the best of local and international fare.

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Café Promenade

Our all-day dining venue offers sumptuous breakfast, lunch & dinner buffets featuring an array of Vietnamese & international flavors, in addition to lớn à la carte dining.



Ngan Dinh Hanoi Restaurant

Located on the 2ndfloor of the iconic Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, Ngan Dinh Hanoi Restaurant celebratesauthentic Cantonese cuisine through finest ingredients.From the creative sầu dlặng sum thực đơn, khổng lồ a selection of exquisite Chinese delights cooked with style & flair, Executive sầu Chef Li from Hong Kong & the talented culinary team will impress even Hanoi’s most glamorous diners.08VIP dining rooms available for private sự kiện, business lunch or special occasion.

Edo Japanese Restaurant

With fresh imported seafood, Teppanyaki and a selection of beautifully presented sushi and sashingươi, Evì offers an authentic Japanese dining experience in a refined environment. Pair your meal with one of premium sakes. 04 VIP dining rooms are available for private sự kiện, business lunch, family or friends reunion.




Located at the 1st floor of Hanoi Daewoo Hotel, with the picturesque view overlooking the Serenity swimming pool & an opened air terrace, Duc Bao Gartenstadt Hanoi serves authentic German cuisine và exclusive imported beers & schnapps such as Krombacher, Schneider Weisse & Jägermeister, etc. Featuring an oval bar, Duc Bao Gartenstadt Hanoi reflects a blkết thúc of casual & traditional elegance, with a touch of Bavarian influence.

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Brodard Gourmet Hanoi

Our onsite bakery has fresh bread, cakes, cookies & pastries every day, alongside homemade ice cream và delicious sandwiches. Sushi, cheeses cold cuts & sausages are also available – perfect for light meals or snacks on the go.


Palm Court Lobby Lounge

This opulent, light-drenched venue on the 1st floor serves premium teas, freshly brewed coffee, creative sầu cocktails and sweet treats, including homemade cakes and ice cream.

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Lakeview Sky Lounge

Nothing can be better than admiring the picturesque view of the bustling Hanoi from above sầu và sipping a cup of premium cocktail? Located on the 18th floor, Lakeview Sky Lounge is not only the ultimate place to lớn socialize but also the perfect spot for any private sự kiện or small-scale luxurious ones.