Đi từ bangkok đến pattaya


All domestic flights out of Suvarnabhungươi và Don Mueang airport, as well as other public transport modes have sầu been halted until further notice. If it"s necessary lớn make a trip during the lockdown, you can register your trip information and save sầu QR code, in order to lớn show khổng lồ the officers any time you will be asked to lớn stop at a checkpoint.

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Bangkok khổng lồ Pattaya Schedule

Bangkok to Pattaya ScheduleTransport NameRoute TimePriceGround Business Comfort Hua Hin Cars Comfort Team Holiday Comfort MCC VAN Comfort Kyên Transfers Thailand Van 9pax Glassflower Comfort BangkokTaxi24 Comfort Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan Limo by Datum Comfort bietthubiennamhoian.vn Transfer VIP Van 9pax bietthubiennamhoian.vn Transport Van VIP 9pax
Any time$ 101.66
Any time$ 55.45
Any time$ 64.69
Any time$ 58.53
Any time$ 98.27
Any time$ 52.06
Any time$ 55.45
Any time$ 58.53
Any time$ 67.77
09:30 - 11:30$ 8.93

How to lớn get from Bangkok to lớn Pattaya

Sitting only 150 km south of Bangkok along the Eastern Seaboard Pattaya is easily reached from the capital by bus, van or xe taxi. The travel time is between 2 & 3 hours và it is highly dependent on traffic & on the route as some buses Hotline to Chonburi, Sri Rathân phụ or Laem Chabang on the way và others go direct. There are big buses khổng lồ Pattaya from all the three bus terminals in Bangkok, all arriving to lớn Pattaya Northern Bus Station plus a direct transfer from Suvarnabhumày airport. For more flexibility opt for Bangkok–Pattaya van. Vans leave from different locations throughout Bangkok and some bring you right inkhổng lồ the centre of Pattaya. Bus & van tickets lớn Pattaya cost between THB120 và THB400. Taxi remains the fasdemo và plushest way to travel door-to-door with prices fluctuating from THB1,700 for a 3-passenger oto lớn THB4,000 for a private van accommodating up khổng lồ 9 pax.

One of the best motorways in the whole country, motorway 7, liên kết Bangkok to lớn Chonburi and Pattaya, so getting from Bangkok lớn Pattaya by bus, by taxi or by private car is usually smooth as silk.

From Bangkok to lớn Pattaya by bus

There are three major bus terminals in Bangkok: the southern Sai Tai Mai, the northern Morchit and the eastern Ekkamai, the two latter being the most convenient option for getting from Bangkok to lớn Pattaya due to their location. Buses to Pattaya leave throughout the day & seats sell out quickly as the route enjoys great popularity both with locals và foreign travellers.

Ekkamai bus terminal is the most logical starting point if you are heading to lớn the Eastern Seaboard. It is conveniently located by the eponymous BTS station. Buses from Ekkamai may bring you khổng lồ Pattaya in mere two hours, but lớn be more realistic, consider three hours as a norm as they often detour from motorway lớn let passengers get off in Chonburi, Sri Rathân phụ or Laem Chabang. Pattaya Bus operates three buses from Ekkamai – in the morning (9.30am), in the afternoon (1.30pm) & in the evening (5.30pm), all at THB127.

Morchit, located in the north of the capital, is a convenient choice if you stay anywhere in the area or arrive khổng lồ the bus terminal by a shuttle bus from Don Mueang airport. Note that regardless the fact that there is a BTS station of the same name, you will need to take a bus or a xe taxi for a short ride khổng lồ the bus terminal from BTS Morchit. Buses from Morchit take about three hours to lớn reach Pattaya & also cost THB127 with Pattaya Bus company. There are three buses a day at 9am, 1pm and 5pm.

In Pattaya, buses arrive sầu to lớn the Northern bus station located in North Pattaya Road, 200 m from Sukhumvit intersection. To get khổng lồ the city from there you have a choice of songthaews (THB40 per person), motorxe đạp taxis or normal taxis – always negotiate the cost of your ride in advance.

From Bangkok to Pattaya by train

Technically, it is also possible. There is a morning train #283 which leaves Bangkok at 6.55am & arrives to lớn Pattaya at 10.34am. It makes plenty of stops on the way & in general not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Prepare to lớn spend about four hours in a third class fan seats only carriage và do not expect breath-taking views. But true, you will have a lot of opportunities for exciting people watching. Out of all Pattaya train stations the most picturesque one is probably Huay Yai train station. And yes, tickets are dirt-cheap.

From Bangkok to Pattaya by taxi

If you travel with a lot of luggage or with a large family or a group of friends, consider taking a taxi which will bring you from Bangkok to lớn Pattaya door-to-door. We recommend the company Glassflower because of their excellent service, comfortable và clean cars, best prices and their understanding that the safety of the passenger comes first. Glassflower also has minivan available that can accommodate groups with up to lớn 12 people. PGS is another company that offers smart solutions both for an individual and a group transfer. Choose their Toyota Camry for 3 passengers at THB2,200 or opt for a roomier Toyota Commuter which accommodates up khổng lồ 9 passengers & costs THB2,530 – which makes it a great option. The rates are all-inclusive sầu – no extra tolls, no additional fee for pickup and drop-off in specific locations, & the trip should last no more than three hours – normally less, depending on your starting point in Bangkok.

Just arrived lớn Suvarnabhumi? Go to Pattaya from the airport!

If you enter Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười through its main airport, Suvarnabhumày, with Pattaya being your next destination, use bus and xe taxi services to lớn get from Suvarnabhungươi directly lớn Pattaya without calling khổng lồ Bangkok’s bus terminals. Bell Travel operates buses from the lower cấp độ of the airport near gate 8.

Buses depart every two hours from 8am till 6pm. Their VIP24s are comfortable enough – & much roomier than an economy seat with any of the air carriers. The whole trip lasts about two hours. In Pattaya, passengers are brought lớn Pattaya Northern bus station in Pattaya North Road.

Note: Tickets for the Suvarnabhumi-Pattaya bus can be bought on the spot, but note that the route is extremely popular, so in the overwhelming majority of cases you will not be able to get the tickets for the next bus and will have sầu khổng lồ wait till the next but one departure. If booked in advance, tickets cost THB272.

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Tip: Right next to the gate 8 on the lower cấp độ of Suvarnabhungươi, from where buses khổng lồ Pattaya depart, there is a cheap Thai-style canteen, Magic Point, where you can refill your stomach with mouthwatering Tnhì favourites, including rice with chicken (khao man gai), rice with pork leg (khao kha moo), tom yam & the lượt thích at very moderate prices (starting from THB40 per dish).

Charters of PGS bring you lớn Pattaya from Suvarnabhungươi door-to-door even with more comfort. You can choose between Toyota Camry for three passengers (THB1,980) và Toyota Commuter accommodating 9 people (THB2,200). The latter is a great option from the point of view of a price-unique ratio. Rates are all-inclusive, meaning no extra tolls, luggage or drop-off charges.

Why go lớn Pattaya?

Pattaya is notorious for its red lights districts, lady bars and obtrusive ladyboys hunting for easy victims under the stately coconut trees along Beach Road. For years Pattaya has been rightfully dubbed the City of Sin: poor people beauties have been waiting money from foreigner – have sầu been looking for their true love sầu burdened with her extensive sầu family.

Pattaya is a famous tourist đô thị in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan. The nickname is a thành phố that never sleeps. Because you can travel both day and night. In the past Pattaya famous for prostitution & vice. But currently there are changes to lớn the thành phố of đô thị image a variety of people, food, including tourist attractions. Known as the đô thị of truly independent. Now attracting a fair share of international package tourists, families và bangkokians who flood the đô thị on weekends và during Tnhị public holidays.

Though Pattaya cannot boast rare or quality sights, the festive sầu mood of the đô thị never fails to conquer the hearts of its visitors. Restaurants of authentic cuisine from all over the world at astonishingly affordable prices and street food cheapies; first class international khách sạn chains & simple guesthouse rooms; elegant high-rises and traditional shophouses; modern shopping malls và entertainment centres & colorful night markets are all there. There is a choice of nearby islands which literarily transport you to that perfect isl& paradise & a growing number of family-oriented attractions secure Pattaya;s status of one of Thailand’s most popular vacation destinations.

Getting around

Songthaews are your prime choice for getting around Pattaya. They are cheap – one trip costs from THB10 lớn THB40, depending on the distance you go – & several routes cover the whole thành phố. The most useful routes of xanh songthaews are from the junction of South Pattaya Road và Second Road to lớn Jomtien; from Jomtien to the Dolphins roundabout in the north; and a Second Road-North Pattaya-Pattaya Beach Road loop. White songthaews run along Sukhumvit Road and bring you as far as Sattahip. Songthaews also work as hired taxis – you have lớn agree on the cost of the ride before you go.

Motorxe đạp taxis are ubiquitous and affordable. With đô thị traffic getting worse and worse these days, motorbike taxis offer a great solution.

Renting a oto or a motorbike is also an option. Rental shops are located throughout the city. Scooters cost from THB200 per day (from THB2000 per month) & small cars lượt thích Hondomain authority City go at THB1000. Scams when you are forced lớn pay for ‘damage’ after you return the vehicle are not common, but note that police often stops both cars & motorbikes khổng lồ check drivers’ licences. Belts & helmets are a must, too.

More bicycles are seen on Pattaya roads these days, but with quite chaotic traffic it is neither safe nor pleasant to pedal between speeding cars, tourist buses & bikes.

Where to lớn stay

It is always a matter of taste, but if you are after a happening nightlife with a seedy flavour, look for centrally located hotels and guesthouses around Soi Buakhao & between Beach Road và Second Road. The North and Nakluea house respectable five-start chain hotels. Jomtien is a realm of relatively cheap guesthouses & mid-range hotels and the Jomtien beach, though mediocre, is still ok for swimming & sunbathing. Pratamnak is a bit off the public transport routes, but the area is very green and tranquil, và there are several nice beaches there, including Cozy Beach. Ambassador City Hotel area is far from the entertainments of the thành phố & can be considered only if a lazy beach vacation is your thing.


Thought there are decent beaches in Pattaya và the vicinity, it is definitely not the prime beach destination. Yet visiting Pattaya is a very diverse & exciting experience. Here is our TOP-5 things to vị in Pattaya lớn ensure you have sầu a great time in the thành phố.

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Visit world-famous Walking Street: go-go dancers, roaring music và visitors from every corner of the globe any day of the week.Go up View Point Hill khổng lồ catch a postthẻ perfect view of the đô thị while taking a cup of coffee in a no-frills but relaxed và friendly cà phê.Spkết thúc a day in Khao Khew xuất hiện Zoo admiring elephants, giraffes và rhinos – both children and adults will enjoy it.Take a THB30 ferry boat khổng lồ Koh Larn, find a secluded cất cánh & savour your own islvà paradise.Feast on seafood in a restaurant in Bang Saray while watching the fishermen boats sailing lớn the night or delivering their daily catch.