Khách Sạn Fusion Maia Đà Nẵng


The world changed in 20trăng tròn — và so did we. Guest needs changed & we adapted our offering accordingly. TIA was created in a bold response, shifting the priority from relaxation to lớn providing authentic wellness. Our roots have sầu been steeped in wellness since our brvà began as Fusion Maia in 2008, when we first developed our spa-inclusive sầu concept, the first of its kind in Vietphái mạnh. We evolved as spa leaders in the industry, winning accolades for our approach khổng lồ mindful well-being. Our exciting new concept continues khổng lồ build on this, taking wellness a step further by equipping guests with the tools necessary to rejuvenate & enhance their life.

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Due to current travel restrictions, bookings are only available from 2022 onwards.



Situated on a stunning beachfront và featuring elegant private pool villas, TIA Wellness Resort blends authentic well-being with understated luxury. Offering much more than just a relaxing escape, Wellness and Retreat inclusives redefine the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience by integrating progressive sầu wellness into lớn each stay. TIA takes bold steps in helping guests break miễn phí from routine lớn explore their creative potential for a journey of self-discovery. They will learn to lớn nâng cấp their diets, breathe khổng lồ regulate their system và move lớn better manage bức xúc, returning trang chính refreshed & renewed.

A contemporary resort comprising solely private villas, each with their own pool & courtyard garden…. offering understated luxury at its best.

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Choose from the options below:



Treatments và wellness activities combined khổng lồ activate creative energy

Private pool villas with all-day breakfast2 spa làm đẹp treatments per night, total 80 min per personComplimentary wellness mini barCreative worksiêu thị with TIA TeaBreathwork master classActivities including tai chi & yoga

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Customized 3 nights, 4 days micro-retreat designed lớn expand creative sầu possibilities in life!

Private pool villas with all-day breakfast2 wellness therapies per night, total 120 min per personFull board plant-based meal planComplimentary wellness mini barCreative sầu workshop with TIA teaBreathwork master classActivities including tai bỏ ra và yogaPrivate consultation và personal TIA wellness guide

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TIA redefines the spa experience by integrating holistic well-being into lớn your stay through treatments & wellness activities combined to lớn activate your core creative energy. Our team sees that guests return trang chủ with wellness tools khổng lồ ensure they continue khổng lồ benefit from their stay long after leaving the resort.


There are two pathways lớn follow within the Creative Possibilities retreat — Stillness or Splash. After an initial assessment, the most suitable one will be recommended for our guest. Both leave guests with a deep feeling of possibility, self-belief & the ability khổng lồ take action based on new discoveries.

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