Khách Sạn Holiday Sapa

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Very clean hotel with excellent balcony and view. Great Búp Phê breakfast with many choices, fresh made eggs và other great dishes. Mr. Minc at the front desk gave great service above sầu & beyond and spoke great English, rare in Vietphái nam. Room was a bit expensive for Vietphái mạnh in the off season, 45 usd, but it is Sapa, the most expense đô thị in Vietnam so ok. Do get the mountain view balcony, six floor was great one up from the lobby và high to see great views. Thank you Mr. Minc và others.

We appreciate the clean spacious room space with 2 queen kích thước bed. We could not see the mountain view due khổng lồ fog but it's still beautiful seeing plantation in front of our room. We slept with the balcony door open lớn let in the cool air as the air conditioning is not able to cool the spacious room. The hotel is walking distance lớn mèo mèo village & train station lớn Fangsipan mountain. Highly recommended.

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Spent 3 days in Sapage authority. Noticed something very interesting. When trying to get local souvenirs, having a hard time dealing with the street hawkers. Local souvenir shops' price were steep. Went bachồng to lớn the hotel empty handed. While checking the price of the souvenirs in the hotel, they were surprisingly reasonable, or I should say, they were really affordable!! Tried 3 souvenir shops in 3 different hotels. Came trang chính with full loaded luggage. P/S. Went end of February. Wonderful weather. Love sầu it! Quite a pleasant trip.

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Very friendly staff! They helped us find our way around town. Also they allowed us khổng lồ keep our bags at the hotel after kiểm tra out until our bus arrived so we did not have to take them around town. The view from our room was beautiful & the room was very clean! I would highly recommkết thúc staying here if you come khổng lồ Sapa.
I’m attaching a photo of the gorgeous view from my room because that really made all the difference for my stay! I heard from my tour guide that not all rooms come with this view so do ask. Timing was slightly unfortunate for me as a neighbouring lvà plot was under construction - which meant grinding drilling noises during late morning til before sunset, và a very, very muddy entrance, including the roads around the hotel. I guess if you’re in Sapage authority to trek then mud’s not a major issue though, & the drilling did stop at night. Hopefully the construction will finish off soon. Food was alright, seemed comparable lớn what was available in the restaurants around the khách sạn so probably as good as it gets. I can’t comment on the pricing as I came with a tour group và meals were included in the package. It’s a bit of a walk to get lớn Sapage authority centre (lake, church) but the way is mostly flat/ a gentle incline. Either the walls are thin or something’s up with the floor layout because I don’t think a single room was spared from the noise of the lifts & other guests. Bring earplugs & you’ll be fine.…