Khách sạn riverside hội an


At Long Life Riverside Hotel (aka Tkhô cứng Xuan riverside Hotel) we underst& that when you are traveling, your choice of a khách sạn is as important as the destination itself.

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You will be pleased with your decision to visit Hoi An, & your choice lớn stay with us at the Long Life Riverside Hotel.

We are a boutique hotel with 36 rooms, ideally located in the khách sạn district of Hoi An, one minute within walking distance to lớn the famous Ancient Town,Long life silk tailor shops, art galleries & restaurants. The 3 km stretch of beach between Da Nang & Hoi An is the ‘hotchạy thử spot’ in Vietphái mạnh & is easily reached on bicycle or motorxe đạp. There is plenty to lớn vày here, và guests always say they wish they had planned khổng lồ stay longer.

Breakfast is complimentary for our guests & is served in the lush, peaceful setting of Hoai phong River .

We will welcome you as family and trust you will enjoy our Hoi An hospitality as much as our other guests.



In addition khổng lồ your expectations of clean rooms, comfy beds, satellite television, sparkling bathrooms and air conditioning – all of our rooms feature special extras such as lounge style bathtubs, wireless mạng internet, a writing desk and umbrellas. Our Deluxe đô thị view rooms feature balconies with French doors with several overlooking the thành phố from private balcony. Our Deluxe cộ pool view room feafure the bathtub with Jacuzzi jets you can enjoy relaxatioin after shopping time , our Deluxe pháo family riverside view rooms feature picturesque views of Hoách River with spacious room for two bedrooms , 1 bathroom , 1 living room ,private balcony.

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61 Nguyen Phuc Chu St., Hoi An Old Town, Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam.


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About Hoi An

At Long Life Hotel we want you lớn get the most out of your visit and we are here to lớn help. Do you enjoying Shopping? Fishing? Cooking? Scubố diving? Exploring Ancient ruins, shrines và temples? Designing clothes và having them made for you? Bicycling in the Vietnamese countryside? or kicking baông chồng và relaxing at the beach? Well you can vì chưng all this và more.

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Hoi An rocketed onlớn the scene when it received UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status. It is now a thriving visitor destination with countless wonders to see and things khổng lồ bởi vì.

Try your hand at lantern making learn how lớn cast a net with the local fishermen. This town is famous for the many tailoring shops that make custom fitted outfits lớn take baông chồng home. Cooking classes are becoming more popular and get rave reviews.

Hoi An ancient town is a unique example of a South-East Asia traditional trading port from the 16th century. Hoi An has a distinctly Chinese atmosphere with low, tiled houses and narrow streets, the original structure of some of these streets still remains almost intact.

And if you love sầu the beach. You’ll love sầu Hoi An. Today, the beautiful 30km beach between Da Nang và Hoi An is the "hottest spot" in Vietnam! Svà, surf & seafood.

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Here are just a few tours we suggest you consider:

There are numerous tours for sightseeing & hands-on experiences that ensure your trip here is a memorable one. Enjoy your stay!

And we cannot forget about the Full Moon Festival is held on every 14th day of the lunar month. Under the light of the full moon, Hoi An becomes one big centre stage where all the locals & tourists come out and participate in reviving the golden days of prosperity & folklore with music, plays và parties. They shut down the streets in the old town to all motorbikes, so it"s safe to roam around and gaze at the lovely shop fronts full of brightly colored lanterns. It’s a great time to have a meal in one of the many open-air restaurants.

More of the important festivals that are celebrated in Hoi An are listed below. Some of the dates are vague because they are based on the lunar calendar.