Khách sạn sport 1 huế

Loại chống
Phòng Deluxe, 1 nệm đôi hoặc 2 chóng đơn

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Phòng 3 Superior
Room (Family Standard)
Phòng Superior, 1 giường song hoặc 2 giường đơn

Nothing fancy or special about this khách sạn, but the rooms are very clean & spacious, the facilities are good và work well, the WiFi works well, the staff were very friendly and the cost is low. Recommended if you need a place that doesn"t have sầu too much character but is well located and serves its purpose extremely well.
We took a private tour from Hoi An to lớn visit the Imperial Citadel, Pagodomain authority & Tombs with a night River cruise on the Perfume River to enjoy some traditional Vietnamese folk music & rest overnight before traveling 3 hours lớn the amazing world hertiage listed Phong Nha "river" Caves. We returned to lớn this 2 star hotel to rest for a 2nd night before returning to lớn Hoi An.The top floor belcony room hotel was well appointed although a little noisy with the backpacker bar nearby but we were all young once. You get what you pay for so don"t whinge!
I love this khách sạn the service is the best i have sầu found the girls took care of us as usual will always stay at the sports when in hue the location is fantastic in the middle of a great street close to good restaurants and shops
Our flight got cancelled so we were looking for an affordable place to stay for 1 night only - for ~15 USD a night we got a decent & sizeable room with balcony. Staff was also friendly & helpful. There was some noise outside, but as this is the backpacker strip it was expected. All in all we very very satisfied :)
Had a great 3day stay here! The room was very clean with a huge bed. The bathroom was good too, although the shower was not strong và got cold pretty fast. We got không lấy phí water, coffee- và tea every day. The breakfast, included, was fine with eggs, bread, fruit, coffee tea and juice.Staff was very friendly, booked us a DMZ tour (not so impressive sầu, only the underground village Vinc moc is worth the visit) và a bus to lớn Hoi An.Overall, great stay right in the busy part of town!

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We stayed here for three nights và had a very pleasant stay. The khách sạn is well located in a tourist area with most of the backpackers, bars & restaurants. It"s about a 15 minute walk from the citadel.The rooms on the front are quit specious và have sầu good beds. Only downside was the shower which didn"t stay warm for more than five minutes and had no pressure. The staff is very nice & helpful. Wifi is most of the time really good! We payed 15 dollar per night including breakfast for a room on the front with balcony. Would recommend!
Chechồng in good, helped us with our bags to lớn the room. Really friendly và helpful staff. Good location - not far from train station and the main attraction citadel. Lots of nice restaurants on the same road with good food. Breakfast was included which was a bonus! Can book transport & other things at the hotel, and staff helpful if you need any other info. Would definitely recommend.
Best room in Vietphái mạnh so far! (We are budget travelers.) Room very big and very clean. Bathroom likewise and even had shower curtain và bath tub. Breakfast was included và had not only fruit, coffee, tea but also hot meal of choice. Reception was very helpful. Good place to lớn stay.
We just popped here because our hostel didn"t have sầu any double rooms available, but it was actually really nice! the wallpaper was coming off a tiny bit, but the bed was big and comfy, it was really clean, the bath was lovely, the room was quiet, và the staff were really helpful & friendly và let us keep our bags there for the day once we checked out. Also, considering it cost less than the Hue backpacker hostel dorm, it was definitely worth it, because it was just down the road, so you"re near the tiệc nhỏ atmosphere without it being overwhelming.
Husb& and I were tired of having the heavy meals in Germany, came across this cozy restaurant. The service was great, food was even better, we ordered a table full of food as we"re able to lớn finish it all, best viet food ever! Love this place xuất hiện thêm tuyệt vời bên trên Zalo Page - Phong cách phượt mới Cơ chế xử trí toắt chấp Điều khoản thỏa thuận đặt chống trên Hướng dẫn tkhô cứng toán thù Qui trình đặt chống Quy chế vận động sàn thanh toán tmùi hương mại điện tử Săn uống mã Giảm ngay sản phẩm tuần trên Zalo

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