Khách sạn yellow sea nha trang

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We traveled the length of Vietphái nam, staying in cheap hostels & hotels along the way, và this was by far the WORST I have sầu ever been khổng lồ. I never really mind the room accommodations (but it had no windows và was very dark), và the area was fantastic, but the staff's poor attitude và downright rude behavior was enough to lớn deserve sầu a 1-star nhận xét. From the moment we checked in we were snubbed và sneered at. The Russian staff members downright ignored us (I thought this might have sầu to lớn vày with a language barrier until day two, when I realized they were just being jerks.) My frikết thúc & I had signed up for a snorkeling excursion through the khách sạn, và were told to arrive in the lobby at 7:45 (we showed up at 7:30) lớn leave sầu by 8am. At 8:10 I decided lớn check with the staff and was abruptly instructed to lớn "sit down, they're coming." At 8:30 my friend tried khổng lồ check with the Russian staff thành viên at the desk (as the Vietnamese girls were talking to lớn a group of tourists), but was only giving a curt signal to stvà in line with the girl, who, after 5 minutes finally told hyên ổn to lớn sit baông xã down. Finally at around 8:50 I had khổng lồ wait in line to talk lớn the Vietnamese girls and demand they Điện thoại tư vấn the group, as I suspected we had been forgotten. Turns out, I was right. Luckily the tour van was able lớn swing baông xã around and piông chồng us up, but I was baffled at how rude the staff had been the entire morning. They also managed khổng lồ ruin our plans to go to lớn Dong Hoi by giving us false information about the bus (và sending us lớn a random place khổng lồ get tickets, where the woman didn't speak English và also, after twenty minutes of showing her maps and the Vietnamese names for where we wanted khổng lồ go, sent us on our way with the false promise of getting a bus ticket at the bus station.) I am not someone who needs to be babied at a hotel-- truth be told, my frikết thúc and I spent so little time in the khách sạn that, if given even a little bit of warmth or reliability from the staff, we would have sầu been satisfied. I would never recommend this khách sạn to anyone (unless, maybe, you speak Russian).…