Pù luông retreat resort


If you have already known about the utmost beauty of Pu Luong Nature Reserve & Mai Chau, then you may wonder about the best location to stay for the trip. Now, it is time to explore Pu Luong Retreat, an absolutely worthwhile resort during your travel to Vietnam.

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The Room và Facilities of Pu Luong Retreat

Those things are what most people concern about while traveling in the wilderness of Pu Luong Nature Reserve. However, Pu Luong Retreat ensures you one of the best resorts in not only Mai Chau but also in Vietnam.

The Bungalows at Night

All the rooms are built in Vietnam traditional architecture and decoration style. As a result, tourists can have the authentic feelings and atmosphere during their travel to Vietnam. There are two types of accommodation in Pu Luong Retreat: the bungalows & house on stilt.

Delectable Meal of Local Cuisine

The house on stilt is ideal for a very large group up to 20 people, which have all the basic facilities. Visitors will stay in one of the bedding areas (twin và double bed are available) with comfy bed and mosquito nets. Even though bathrooms are shared, there are 4 of them & the hygiene is extremely good. If you miss modern technology, không tính phí WiFi is available serving the basic need of the tourists.

A Nice Room for Lots of People

Otherwise, you can also choose lớn rest in the đứng top notch bungalows in the resort. It is no doubt that there are the best amenities in those rooms including large double & twin beds, private marble bathroom, tea & coffee maker. Nonetheless, the best feature is the breathtaking scenery of the surroundings. Feel không tính phí to take your time and contemplate the vast green terrace fields & mountain range. For a total relaxation, you may want to lớn enjoy the unique pool or outdoor bathtub in nature.

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Comfy Accommodation with Excellent View

Activities in Pu Luong Retreat

It is no exaggeration to say that there are a huge number of things to vì in this destination. It can also be furtherly extended depending on your preferences.

Cycling in Pu Luong

For those who may do not know, Pu Luong is the trang chủ of 2 minor ethnic groups in Vietnam which are Thai và Muong. Therefore, about trăng tròn villages are available in the region for you to lớn visit. The rich culture, customs, & history of those people have been an amazing factor of Pu Luong Nature reserve. Besides watching their lives up-close, the village is really lively during the traditional festival time. We recommend you to travel lớn Kho Muong Hamlet and Hieu Hamlet for the best cultural adventure.

The Local Village và Their Beautiful Fields

Cham River will be the next wonderful location that we want to introduce to lớn you. Here, you will experience the tranquility of the nature in Pu Luong while walking on the calm river. Local fishing và washing will be one of the must-see highlights of this trip. However, visitors can also explore the one-of-a-kind water transfer system existed only in Pu Luong. The bamboo waterwheels will move water from the river to lớn the handmade aqueducts helping the life of the local. For adventurous souls, rafting on Cham River will be your most favorite activity out of all which you are able to learn how to lớn paddle the handcrafted rafts.

Rafting & Contemplating the Waterwheels

Furthermore, your best trip may not be complete without venturing & contemplating the nature in the region. There are a lot of ways to experience this kind of adventure in Pu Luong. The simplest method is to lớn trekking through the large jungle, magnificent mountains, và valleys in this destination. Challenge yourself in the wild of Pu Luong Nature Reserve before resting in the best accommodation & share the stories with others. Other than that, it would be a waste if adventurers bởi not try to lớn cycle through the narrow traits and harsh tracks around. Even though traveling by bike is not a simple task, there are different levels for you lớn choose and biking expert is always available.

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Trekking through Jungle and River

Finally, special activities can be arranged during your stay in Pu Luong Retreat. Photographers may lượt thích to hire a guide to find the hidden spot lớn capture the outstanding view of mountains, valleys, & camping for the night. Additionally, volunteers can help the local fixing the roads, the houses, schools và so on. Just liên hệ the resort for further plan và information about those meaningful activities.