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Whether you’re in Singapore for a layover or a longer trip, Changi Airport’s many charms are bound to lớn dazzle.




Verdant nature & diverse entertainment meet a plethora of dining & retail options at Changi Airport.

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The focal point of Singapore’s status as a world-class aviation hub, Changi Airport is an unforgettable tourist destination in its own right. With a slew of accolades to lớn its name, Singapore’s main airport boasts a trove of exciting activities, from shopping and dining to lớn entertainment.

The airport comprises four terminals và Jewel Changi, a ten-storey lifestyle hub that seamlessly links lớn Terminals 1, 2 & 3, and fuses artistry, architecture và nature into a single structure.

Whether you’re in Singapore for a layover, or spending a week in our tropical paradise, Changi Airport is bound lớn enchant the moment you l&. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll experience.

Nature nurtured

Much lượt thích Singapore—which is globally renowned as a ‘City in A Garden’—Changi Airport is trang chính lớn green spaces and verdant gardens for travellers looking lớn unwind và stretch their legs after a long flight.

To witness the most spectacular of these spaces, take a stroll over to Jewel Changi, & marvel at the HSBC Rain Vortex, a 40-metre-high indoor waterfall flanked on all sides by tropical plants and over 2,000 trees.

Smaller spaces that are no less charming include the Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3, the Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2 and the Cactus Garden at Terminal 1—featuring over 100 species of cacti & arid plants.

Nature lovers visiting the latter will be able khổng lồ deepen their knowledge of nature’s intricacies, as they witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalides at the Emergence Enclosure.

Fun for the entire family

There’s never a dull moment at Changi Airport. Each of the airport’s terminals has its own charming array of family-friendly activities, including indoor playgrounds at Terminals 1 và 3, the island’s tallest slide (located at Terminal 3’s public area) and the Family Zone at Terminal 2.

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Families travelling with teenagers can hang out at the Entertainment Corner at Terminal 4—Where they’ll find Xbox Kinect games và vintage arcade machines—or catch a movie at Changi’s two cinemas (located at Terminals 2 và 3).

Alternatively, make your way to lớn the topmost level of Jewel, and romp with your family in the Canopy Park. This 14,000-square-metre space is filled with enchanting attractions, from garden mazes to lớn mist-filled play areas.

Sumptuous food và shopping sprees

Sensory delights await you at Changi Airport, with shopping and food options galore. Jewel Changi alone is home khổng lồ over 100 eateries, with more than 30 operating around the clock, while each of the four terminals boasts its own selection of restaurants, food halls and food courts.

You’ll also get lớn sample a taste of Singapore’s retail paradise all across the airport, with international brands ranging from Apple khổng lồ Zara. While you’re at it, be sure khổng lồ check out beloved local labels like Supermama.

Did you know?

Talk about impressive sầu traffic—a whopping 170,000 passengers fly in & out of Changi Airport on a daily basis.

Art for weary eyes

Always one khổng lồ surprise, Changi is also littered with many delightful sculptures và installations across all four terminals. From the mesmerising Kinetic Rain exhibit at Terminal 1, to giant birds at Terminal 4, whip out your camera as you discover the many artistic photo opportunities located around the airport.

Pokémon Centre Singapore

Catch ‘em all with your little ones at the Pokétháng Centre Singapore, the brand’s only permanent retail centre outside of Japan. Official merchandise includes toys, stationery & collectibles for Pokémon fans of all ages.

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Changi Experience Studio

Expvà your horizons with a peek inkhổng lồ the intricate world of aviation at Changi Experience Studio. The space boasts a range of immersive sầu và interactive activities that’ll inform you on the inner workings of Changi Airport.